When you make top performers feel special, you know what they do? Perform even better.

Incentive Programs are not just a thank you for past success, but a motivator for repeat performance and long term loyalty. We think that calls for incentives that are as special as the guests themselves.

We refuse to accept off-the-rack ideas, itineraries or menus, instead curating one-of-a-kind experiences. We personalize every detail and allow attendees to make choices throughout the event. Our events immerse guests in the flavor and culture of the destination in ways they could never experience on their own.

In short, we ensure that attendees leave rewarded, recognized, and motivated to earn their way back next year.


You knocked another one out of the ballpark.
– M.L., CEO


Taking the Long View

Kauai, Hawaii

It was time to take the yearly incentive event to a whole new level—to strengthen company loyalty, build strong connections between employees, and support the company value of giving back. With our expertise in incentive programs, and our mutual commitment to having a positive and lasting impact on event destinations, we knew we had an opportunity to do something special with this client.

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Mastering the Magic of Cuba

Havana, Cuba

Cuba was a great match for our client’s desire to stay far from typical beach resorts and truly explore a different culture. Planning and executing this once-in-a-lifetime trip taught us that sometimes the challenges of an emerging destination are what make it truly special.

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We’ve added a new skill to our set: Cuba

Havana, Cuba

At streamlinevents we’re always exploring new ways to dazzle our clients and their attendees. So when a client was interested in an incentive trip to Cuba, we threw our dancing shoes in our suitcase and headed South.

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Going Way Beyond Beaches

San Juan, Puerto Rico

To show true appreciation to top performers, we curated a luxury experience no one could create on their own, yet made it as personal as though it were.

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Personalized Dream Fulfillment

Maui, Monte Carlo

Rewarding 150 personalities is not easy. So instead of pre-packaged prizes and perks, we gave each guest a bespoke experience.

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