• engaged

    people. relationships. teamwork. communication.

  • experienced

    ideas. perspectives. approaches. strategies.

  • effective

    concepts. planning. presentations. solutions.

  • efficient

    partnerships. management. anticipation. results.

Streamlinevents offers event marketing strategy, full-service meetings management, and event production. We are committed to tailoring creative and strategic events that result in participant motivation, excitement and reward through high-impact events and programs.

What We Do

Strategy. Management. Communications. Registration. Technology. At streamlinevents, we do it all.

How We Do It

We embrace “the sacred four” – the pillars that guide how we treat our clients and do business every step of the way: Experienced. Engaged. Effective. Efficient. That’s streamlinevents.

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Who We Are

Talented. Seasoned. Creative. Responsive. Smart. Resourceful. At your service. That’s the streamlinevents team.

  • Allyson E.

    Sales Manager

    Amanda T.

    Event Technology Coordinator

    Andrea P.

    Event Technology Manager

    Annette C.


    Annette F.

    VP, Event Operations

    Bryan S.

    Manager, Finance & Administration

    Caroline M.

    Technology Project Manager

    Cheryl B.

    Event Manager

  • Chris S.

    Event Manager

    Davina M.

    Event Manager

    Debra C.


    Denise B.

    Event Manager

    Edwina R.

    Event Technology Manager

    Elizabeth B.

    Sales Manager

    Emily C.

    Senior Event Coordinator

    Erin W.

    Event Manager

  • Gary L.

    Event Technology Manager

    Holly H.

    Event Manager

    Ileana G.

    Office Manager

    Jackie V.

    Event Manager

    Jane B.

    Human Resources

    Josh A.

    Vice President, Sales

    Kelly C.

    Event Manager

    Kevin K.

    Vice President

  • Kevin W.

    Event Manager

    Lauren D.

    Event Manager

    Madeline E.

    Event Coordinator

    Maria M.

    Event Manager

    MaryLee M.

    Strategic Sourcing & Purchasing Manager

    Nicole G.

    Strategic Sourcing & Purchasing Coordinator

    Nikki D.

    Event Technology Manager

    Rich M.

    Event Manager

  • Rob D.

    Sales Manager

    Sharon W.

    Senior Manager, Strategic Sourcing & Purchasing

    Steve D.

    Chief Financial Officer

    Sue G.

    Finance Manager

    Teresa P.

    Event Technology Manager

    Tonyia P.

    Event Technology Manager

    Allyson E.

    Sales Manager

    Amanda T.

    Event Technology Coordinator

Our Work

“Better than anything I’ve ever experienced.” “Knocked it out of the park.” “A magical evening that transported our guests.” What will your attendees say about the streamlinevents experience?